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Minister’s Musings – December

Each of us is such a light. Each of us has the power to chase away the darkness -in ourselves, and in others. And we are strongest when we help each other. (adapted from Servant Candle, Judy Bressler)   The chalice, which we light every Sunday, and which some of you, perhaps, light at the … Continued


Wishing all a Thanksgiving with a sense of connection, belonging, and gratitude.                   (double click image to enlarge)

Minister’s Musings – November

I fill out a lot of forms. You probably do, too.  Medical forms.  Applications. Registrations.  Airline ticket documents.   Online or hard copy. Each time I am asked to complete the male/female designation, I cringe.  It’s not because I can’t find myself in the options – I can.  There it is: female. I cringe because I … Continued

Minister’s Musings – October

At the end of her gorgeous poem, “Praise What Comes,” the poet Jeanne Lohmann observes, then asks: At the end there may be no answers and only a few very simple questions: did I love, finish my task in the world?  Learn at least one of the many names of God?   At the intersections, … Continued

Writing Your Own Obituary

Writing Your Own Obituary Sunday, October 29 12:15-2:15pm At The Unitarian Society See the Facebook event page here:  

Death Cafe – October 28

Death Cafe Spend your Saturday evening with coffee, cake & conversation in small groups exploring our inevitable mortality and the topic of death. (Gluten-free option will be available)  Rev. Karen will be your host. No dogma. No answers. No conclusions.  But space for questions, queries, and speculation.  The Unitarian Society is pleased to sponsor this … Continued