Buddhist Meditation Group


The next meeting of the Buddhist Meditation Group will take place on Sunday, December 3 at 12:15 pm.  Rev Allen wells will teach about the Buddhist concept of

dependent origination and guide us in meditation. All adults are welcome to join us;we are a friendly group! No prior experience or knowledge is required.


Please note that because the TUS congregational meeting is scheduled for the third Sunday of November, the sangha will not meet on that date, to allow those of us who are TUS members to attend.


One more note: our annual day-long silent meditation retreat will take place on Saturday, Jan 6th, 2018. More info to follow.


Any questions?  Contact Jackie at Jacalyn21@aol.com




Sat. Jan. 6, 2018   9 a.m – 5:00 p.m. at The Unitarian Society

176 Tices Lane, East Brunswick, NJ


Led by The Reverend Allen Wells


An opportunity for beginners to learn insight meditation in an intensive setting and for experienced meditators to deepen their practice.  We will explore three forms of meditation: concentration (shamatha), spacious awareness (vipassana), and loving-kindness (metta).  This will be a silent retreat, including lunch period (please bring your own), but there will be instruction and an opportunity for questions and answers (called “Inquiry”).  Please bring along a sturdy cushion if you would like sit on one (we have some extras).  Sitting in a chair is also fine.  There will also be short periods of walking meditation.


Allen has been practicing insight meditation for over 25 years.  Two years ago he participated in a six week silent
retreat at The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.  He is a graduate of the Integrated Study/Practice Program of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.  He has also traveled to India to walk in the footsteps of The Buddha.


There is no fee but there will be an opportunity for a free will offering (dana) for support of the teaching.

Pre-registration is necessary by December 21.

To register, or ask any questions, please send an Email to:

Jackie Held-Rubin  at jacalyn21@aol.com or phone: 908-881-4553 or awells11@optimum.net or call: 973 539-0301.