The Buddhist Meditation Group will meet this Sunday, October 1st at 12:15, when we will sit together in Meditation.


We will meet also on Sunday, October 15th, when  Rev Allen Wells will  continue teaching us about the  brahmavihāras.


These are  Buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them.

They are also known as the four immeasurables:

  1. loving-kindness or benevolence
  2. compassion
  3. empathetic joy
  4. equanimity


We will focus primarily on the Empathetic joy and Equanimity meditations on Oct 15th.

We will also begin our discussion of karma.



All adults are welcome to join us; no previous knowledge or experience is required.

You can find us in the sanctuary at 12:15 pm.


Any questions? Contact Jackie at