What’s it like to live uncertain of the future of UUism, our country, the earth, and of our personal lives?  How can we live vitally in the present and contribute to the best possible outcome? The Rev. Allen Wells is Affiliated Community Minister of The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, and for12 years, he was the director … Continued

The Work That Reconnects

Inspired by the work of Buddhist scholar and deep ecologist Joanna Macy, this Sunday morning will follow a spiral that grounds us in gratitude, connects us with our grief for the world, helps us to see with new eyes, and sends us out to go forth.  Poetry will be our companion, as well as music provided … Continued


Our speaker, Raj Nigam, had never thought much of forgiveness, but a chance encounter, early this year, with a Buddhist abbot and monks led him to think about it. In this complex issue, Raj explores transgressions from the perspective of someone who has been wronged – the victim. And further on three questions: Why should … Continued