Sent Down The River – February 17, 2018

INFORM the community about the East Brunswick Van Wickle Slave Ring of 1818.

INSPIRE us to memorialize these nearly 100 African Americans

INVOLVE more community members in building a public memorial.

Come to his panel discussion with Q& A and community building. At this time in our nation’s history when we are rethinking our national monuments, let’s do something constructive. Let us build a memorial those people who were sent into permanent slavery by the dastardly deeds of Judge Jacob Van Wickle in 1818. Let’s make East Brunswick be the community that chooses to build memorials that go against systemic racism, like slavery and its legacy.

Rich Walling, Independent Scholar/Historian
Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan, Rutgers University
Derek Davis, Camden County Historical Society
Representative, New Brunswick NAACP