The Baba Yaga Saga

Baba Yaga? We swear, this is not made up. Baba Yaga is a witch of timeless east European mythology. She is extremely ugly. Ferocious. Terrifying. Lived in a magic hut in the depths of the forest. Yet she has visitors. Most of whom are never seen again. Those who do emerge, however, have been endowed with profound spiritual gifts and wisdom. Unlikely as it may seem, a sermon came forth in the saga of Baba Yaga.

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Dr. Edward Frost is the Senior Minister Emeritus of the UU Congregation of Atlanta. Prior to his Atlanta ministry he served in Princeton and New England, from 1976 to 1989. He recently returned to NJ to be near his daughters. He is the author/editor of With Purpose And Principle, and Coming Alive, as well as a winner of the Borden Prize for sermon writing.