Came Out, Then What?

pandora-scooterEveryone focuses so much on coming out, but what happens in the aftermath of coming out? And is coming out just telling other people that you’re gay? Or is it much, much more than that? Pandora Scooter will speak on this topic from a uniquely personal point of view.

Pandora Scooter is a national touring spoken word poet. She is delighted to come back to the UU at East Brunswick to share her coming out story. She has shared the stage with Lily Tomlin, Melissa Ferrick, Bitch, Sonia and Disappear Fear, Alix Olson, Josh Zuckerman, Virago and many others at universities and pride centers across the US. She currently teaches at the Terry Knickerbocker Acting Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Listen to Pandora’s sermon by clicking on the Play button below.

Visit Pandora’s website at this link.