Our speaker, Raj Nigam, had never thought much of forgiveness, but a chance encounter, early this year, with a Buddhist abbot and monks led him to think about it. In this complex issue, Raj explores transgressions from the perspective of someone who has been wronged – the victim. And further on three questions: Why should a victim forgive? Who does a victim forgive? and how does a victim act to forgive? Don’t expect definitive answers, but maybe you’ll run into a chance encounter of your own.


Raj grew up in India and has now been in US for over 50 years. He has delivered a few talks right here, and continues to enjoy writing, tutoring, gardening and photography. He and his wife Elaine continue to be active in the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, having previously served as Presidents. Elaine was instrumental in establishing, and continues to be particularly active, in UU Legislative Ministry of New Jersey (UULMNJ). Elaine and Raj have two children and four grandchildren, and so make frequent treks to Boston and Pittsburgh.