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No Hell Below Us

No hell. God is Love. This is the Universalist vision of the world. Heretical and unorthodox,  this vision is ours to claim and ours to make new in the 21st century. In 1770, September 30 is the day that Universalist  John Murray’s boat landed on a sandbar … read more.

A Stone Soup Celebration

Please plan to bring a non-perishable food item to help us “cook” Stone Soup (inspired by the beloved children’s story), exploring how we all contribute, sometimes in surprising ways, to make our community strong.  We’ll donate what we collect to a local … read more.

Animal Blessing

We’ll recognize and honor the presence of beloved creatures and critters in our lives through this joyful Animal Blessing service. You are encouraged to bring your well-behaved pet (dog, cat, ferret, guinea pig, goldfish, snake, pot-bellied pig, etc.); all must be either … read more.

The Baba Yaga Saga

Baba Yaga? We swear, this is not made up. Baba Yaga is a witch of timeless east European mythology. She is extremely ugly. Ferocious. Terrifying. Lived in a magic hut in the depths of the forest. Yet she has visitors. Most of … read more.

Promises, Promises

UU congregations are “covenanting communities” filled with individuals who make explicit and implicit promises to each other.  Rev. Ann Marie will remind us about the nature of the promises we make and what it takes to return to our promises.  


As part of pulpit … read more.

Solidarity Singers Return!

In recognition of International Worker’s Day on May 1, the Solidarity Singers, with our own Kathy Scarbrough, will perform songs of today’s labor struggles including issues like raising the minimum wage, women’s demand for equal pay and freedom from sexual harassment and assault, … read more.