Shaping Our Personal Realities with Deliberate Intent

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Does life just happen to us or do we cause it? Who or what creates our personal realities? Call it the power of positive thinking, Karma, Law of Attraction, Quantum entanglement, or divine guidance; what we put out into the universe attracts more of the same. This presentation examines the discipline needed to deliberately engineer what we put out into the universe so that we can manifest a fulfilling reality that aligns with our deepest essence.


After 25 years in education as a high school English teacher, school administrator, instructional supervisor, and curriculum developer, Paul Pineiro has identified his latter-life’s purpose as indulging himself in learning random stuff and making sense of it through presenting his findings. Over the years he has presented to TUS and other UU congregations programs on a broad range of interests, Paul is honored to have the opportunity to share his observations with TUS.