What’s it like to live uncertain of the future of UUism, our country, the earth, and of our personal lives?  How can we live vitally in the present and contribute to the best possible outcome?

The Rev. Allen Wells is Affiliated Community Minister of The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, and for12 years, he was the director of Allen Wells Counseling in Morristown, NJ, a holistic mind/body, spirit counseling center. He continues a mindfulness-based consultation practice of psychotherapy and spiritual direction.

Allen is interested in bridging the internal, personal, psychological world, which we commonly call spiritual, and the external political, social, economic, environmental world, which we usually consider material.  He finds himself at home on the picket line or on his zafu teaching meditation.  He is particularly interested in the interplay between neuroscience and Buddhism.

He also loves poetry but acknowledges that he hasn’t written any books because he’d rather spend the time ballroom dancing.