Speaker: Rev. Karen G. Johnston

Climate Spirit

Purpose: process climate grief so you can face reality & do what is yours to do

• Ages high school & older
• All genders & sexual orientations warmly welcome
• Non-activists, wanna-be activists, & activists alike
• Any religious/spiritual affiliation or none at all

Philosophical/Theological … read more.

Moody Cow Meditates – How ‘Bout You?

A multi-generational exploration of meditation and our complicated relationship with strong emotions –  anger,  grief,  discomfort, confusion, loneliness.  No mediation experience needed; an open heart and a curious mind welcome.  If you have a complicated Thanksgiving celebration in your near future, perhaps this service might … read more.

Little People Living Out Big Love

Two hundred years ago, ordinary people brought an end to an infamous slave ring and a new law was passed in NJ ending the slave of enslaved people from this state to other states.  On the eve of Election Day, we’ll explore how change happens … read more.

Answering the Call of Love

This month’s theme is sanctuary, so let’s explore our sanctuary – the room where we hold our Sunday services, this unique building, the wooded oasis in the middle of Suburbia. For whom is this sanctuary? For whom else could it be? How do we let … read more.

Islands of Sanity

Climate chaos? The erosion of democracy? Terrorism? We’ll explore the choice to create sanctuary – “islands of sanity” as Meg Wheatley terms it — in our hearts, homes, and homelands. This is different than walling ourselves off and narrowing our understanding of who is kin. … read more.

No Hell Below Us

No hell. God is Love. This is the Universalist vision of the world. Heretical and unorthodox,  this vision is ours to claim and ours to make new in the 21st century. In 1770, September 30 is the day that Universalist  John Murray’s boat landed on a sandbar … read more.

A Stone Soup Celebration

Please plan to bring a non-perishable food item to help us “cook” Stone Soup (inspired by the beloved children’s story), exploring how we all contribute, sometimes in surprising ways, to make our community strong.  We’ll donate what we collect to a local … read more.