Sunday Service 14 Aug 2022 @ 10:30am

August 14  10:30am
Title: I Am A CODA (Child of Deaf Adults)
Guest Speaker – Richard Phelan
Rich and his sister Lucy are what are known as CODA – Children of Deaf Adults. Rich will share some of his experiences growing up with Deaf parents that are unique to CODA. This service was inspired by a dialogue after seeing the Academy Award winning film, CODA, about a hearing girl who grows up with deaf parents and brother, and her aspirations to go to college to study singing. Though the experiences were very different, there were elements of them that reminded Rich of his time growing up. Rev. Karen suggested that this would be a great topic for a sermon over the summer and Rich agreed.  He was inspired to write this sermon after writing a lengthy Facebook Post after seeing the Movie CODA.
Rich grew up primarily in Iselin with his parents Richard, Sr. and Anna, who were both deaf, and his sister Lucy. Rich and his wife Marie first came to TUS around Christmas, 1995 and became a member shortly thereafter. He feels like he was a UU his entire life but just didn’t know it. Rich and Marie live in Edison and have two adult daughters, Erin and Rachel who both participated in TUS’ Religious Education program.
Rich is a Real Estate agent and has a partnership with his sister Lucy. They were joined recently in the business by Marie, who is a retired Teacher. Rich is a Past President of TUS’ Board of Trustees and has served in several other Board roles. He is currently President of The Rotary Club of Edison, NJ.