Sunday Service 21 Aug 2022 @ 10:30 am

August 21  10:30am
Title:  This is Your Show
When it comes to end-of-life, we can’t control everything. But it turns out that if we prepare, there are some things we can influence, and in a few cases, perhaps even control.  About one in three people have completed Advanced Directives or other paperwork that can make the end of life easier on us and easier for those we love. Rev. Karen is in the pulpit.
After the service, starting at noon, Rev. Karen will facilitate an introductory workshop on completing Advanced Directives, using the Five Wishes document. Do you keep telling yourself that you will fill one out but never get to it? Does the topic just seem too heavy? This gentle workshop allows you to dip your toes without getting completely wet, helping you get comfortable with taking the plunge. Invite your partner, adult children, or friends to attend ~ you are welcome and they are, too!