Sunday Service — November 1st, 2020 @10:30 AM — Choose Democracy

With the election nearly upon us, it is our fervent wish and hope that the election will be fair, inclusive of and accessible to all who are entitled to vote, and that its outcome will be clear and known and implemented peacefully.  Yet there have been actions and utterances that indicate this may not be so – reductions in access to registration, polling places and voting; a president unwilling to commit to a peaceful transition; accusations of mail fraud without basis.
With Unitarian Universalism’s Fifth Principle commitment to democratic processes, what is ours to do?  What will we do when, come the end of Election Day, we still do not know the outcome of the national election?  How will we embody democracy when a free and fair election is at stake?
With songs, words, and a plan, Rev. Karen is in the pulpit.