Sunday Service (online) — April 28, 2021 @ 10:30 AM — Kindness

April 28, 2021
 Guest Worship Leader: Raj Nigam 
 Kindness is an act that enhances the welfare of others as an end in itself and without expecting anything in return. From my Hinduism background, I will present my own version of its hierarchical framework, and take a look at its multi-dimensionality. It is critical that we stay grounded in, and act in, kindness – in whatever shape or form that reflects our self.
Raj Nigam has delivered sermons on varied topics at several UU churches and congregations, including here at TUS. He grew up in India and has now been in the US for more than 55 years. He worked in Applied Mathematics and Statistics area in business, before retiring in 2004. He enjoys writing, gardening, photography, traveling, tutoring, and support of social action. He and his wife Elaine continue to be, and have been, active in The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, New Jersey for 45+ years, including serving as Presidents of the Congregation. Elaine was instrumental in establishing, and continues to still be active in, UU Faith Action NJ. They get to see their children and four grandchildren often.