Sunday Service (online) — Sunday, April 18, 2021 @10:30 AM — Earth to America

April 18, 2021
Earth to America– 
Guest Worship Leader Del Sasso 
If the Earth could write us a letter, or perhaps a song, what would it say? Would it focus entirely on “waking us up” about Climate Change, or might its message surprise us? How can we “hear” what the earth has to say? This service will ponder these questions with words and original songs by Del, with a theme of the interconnection between racial and climate justice.
Del is a TUS member (since 2006) with their spouse Shan and their lively 10 year-old twins Liv and Jules. They are a protest artist and singer-songwriter under the name Delphyne. For their day job, they are a clinical psychologist specializing in gender diversity.