Author: Megan Britton

Minister’s Musings – May 2018

Pulpit Exchange — A Kind of Ministers’ Musical Chairs?


Pulpit exchange has deep roots in our historical polity as Unitarian Universalists, proscribed in the Cambridge Platform of 1648, the document upon which we base our kind of congregational polity (governance) and ground our understanding of a … read more.

Minister’s Musings – April 2018

Being Facebook Friends with the Minister: Minister’s Musings


I have been talking with colleagues about best practices related to a minister’s presence on
Facebook.  Based on those conversations, I have been persuaded to change my approach to
friending.  Until now, I have invited you all to … read more.

Minister’s Musings – March 2018

Can you believe it’s March already?  Time is just moving so fast.  Sometimes I jump on board.
Sometimes it drags me along.  Sometimes – more often – I need to get off this merry-go-round.


Since I’ve moved to New Jersey, I have found that the best … read more.

Minister’s Musing – January 2018

We ask new visitors what brought them to TUS.  The answers might surprise you.  It surprised me.  The
number one answer: our new visitors decided to drop in and check us out after driving by. That’s cool to know.  But it’s also pretty amazing for … read more.

Minister’s Musings – December

Each of us is such a light.

Each of us has the power to chase away the darkness

-in ourselves, and in others.

And we are strongest when we help each other.

(adapted from Servant Candle, Judy Bressler)


The chalice, which we light every Sunday, and which some of you, … read more.

Minister’s Musings – November

I fill out a lot of forms. You probably do, too.  Medical forms.  Applications. Registrations.  Airline ticket
documents.   Online or hard copy.
Each time I am asked to complete the male/female designation, I cringe.  It’s not because I can’t find myself in the options – … read more.

Minister’s Musings – October

At the end of her gorgeous poem, “Praise What Comes,” the poet Jeanne Lohmann observes, then asks:

At the end there may be no answers

and only a few very simple questions: did I love,

finish my task in the world?  Learn at least one

of the many names … read more.

Minister’s Musings – September

On July 1, just before I went on leave, I facilitated a leadership retreat here at TUS.  Sixteen of our congregation’s lay leaders came together for half a day, deepening their knowledge of themselves, each other, this place, and our mission.  We started off that … read more.