The Unitarian Society, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation (AKA “TUS”)

It’s not a typo – it’s supposed to be “About TUS” instead of “About Us”. That’s what we at The Unitarian Society call ourselves for short: “TUS”!


OUR MISSION STATEMENT (last revised June, 2011)

The Unitarian Society, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, is a welcoming and accepting religious community, inclusive of people with diverse beliefs.

We provide a supportive and stimulating environment for people to explore, develop and share their own spiritual journey, guided by Unitarian Universalist principles and grounded in liberal religious tradition.

We build for the future through a strong Religious Education Program for our children, youth and adults.

We act on values of compassion, love and service to increase forces for justice, peace and environmental sustainability through involvement in our community, nation and the world.

Some Things We Believe In

As Unitarian-Universalists, we do not have a creed. The closest two things to one that we have are, first, this congregation’s mission statement and, second, our Bond of Union (see below), which we recite in each service, much as most Christian denominations would recite their Apostles’ creed.