Below is a list of the ministers that served The Unitarian Fellowship of New Brunswick / The Unitarian Society of New Brunswick / The Unitarian Society, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation from the late 1950’s to the present. Except where noted, all were settled ministers.


Late 1950s: Grant Butler (consulting minister)

1960-1969: Horace Colpitts

1970-1973: William Fortner

1974-1980: Paul Ratzlaff

1981-1985: Tony Johnson

1986-1988: Larry McGinty (interim)

1988-2004: Paul Mueller

2005-2005: Betsy Scheuerman (consulting)

2005-2014: Susan Veronica Rak

2014-2016: Carol Thomas Cissel (interim)

2016 – present: Karen G. Johnston