worship / intransitive verb /:  to raise that which is worthy

Our Sunday services remain the core time our community gathers together, weaving and reweaving the strands of connection, sustaining ourselves, each other, and the community, deepening our identity as a congregation. We hold one service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM and this continues to be true whether we meet online or in-person. Our services last anywhere from 60-70 minutes. After the service has concluded, we invite folks to socialize with each other whether they are attending in-person or they are attending virtually.

A Sunday service — whether in-person or online — includes rituals, a story-time for all ages, singing & music, meditation/prayer, and a sermon or reflection from our Minister or guest preacher. Each week we take up an offering, which we call Be the Change, half of which goes to support a community organization living out our shared values.  We sing from both current Unitarian Universalist hymnals: Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.

We believe that Religious Education is for all ages and as such, we welcome children and youth to attend the whole of our Sunday services with their families. We have in-person Religious Education offerings for families and their children on alternate Sundays.

The second Sunday of September is our Water Ingathering service, marking the beginning of a new congregational year after a summer of creativity, rest, and higher involvement of lay person and guests.  We hold our Christmas Eve service at 6:30 PM.  We typically recognize both Easter and Earth Day. On the second Sunday in May, we celebrate a uniquely UU ceremony called the Flower Festival. There are times when the content of our services references the sources of Unitarian Universalism, including honoring our pluralist traditions of our members, paying careful attention to not enact cultural appropriation.