Since March, 2020, we all have been figuring out how to respond to COVID-19, first in its pandemic forms, and now, in its endemic forms, with widespread access to vaccination across ages (though not always the right thing for all health statuses).  We have taken seriously, and continue to do so, the risks related to COVID-19.  We believe in the benefits of science guiding our decisions, as well as being a responsible member of our wider community, as well as responsible for taking care of each other.

Towards that end, we have made changes in our building and in our practices.  In our building, which has a closed-ventilation system, we have installed HEPA-filters and in our sanctuary where we gather on Sunday mornings, we have four portable air filter machines (also with HEPA-filters). We have invested in technology that allows us to transmit our Sunday services live over Zoom so that folx can choose to attend in-person (which we really encourage to build a sense of connection and community) or virtually (if this allows access that might not be available otherwise).

In terms of our practices, we strongly recommend that everyone who visits our building have their vaccination status as “up-to-date” as possible. We ask that if you have symptoms of a contagious nature, even if you are certain it is not COVID-19, that you visit us virtually, rather than in-person. Changes in the precautions we take when we are together in-person are based on several factors which include the community risk level (as reported by for Middlesex County), local hospital capacity, and municipal mandates.  For information about our current practices, please subscribe to our weekly newsletter or reach out to our Administrator (click here to do so) with your questions.  If we are at a risk level where we are requiring masks, we do provide them if you forget yours at home.