Speaker: Reverend Karen G. Johnston

Settled Minister at TUS

The Beauty of Stewardship

Can we make visible the interdependent web of all existence?  Can we know it as more than just a thought?  Let’s explore its beauty through the acts of stewardship: caring for each other, caring for this quirky, beloved building that shelters our … read more.

Water Ingathering

See below for a video of Reverend Karen talking about gratitude and our new Gratitude Garden dedicated in memory of long-time member Mildred Romero.

Join us as we mark the start of a new year with the traditional gathering of our … read more.

The Work That Reconnects

Inspired by the work of Buddhist scholar and deep ecologist Joanna Macy, this Sunday morning will follow a spiral that grounds us in gratitude, connects us with our grief for the world, helps us to see with new eyes, and sends us out to go … read more.

The Message We Take Away

This multi-generational worship is a celebration of the efforts of all to build and embody community and covenant.   We must all find our place to be of service here and to the wider world. Let us notice each other and our gifts in this joyful … read more.

It’s Not The Bathrooms

Each generation has its civil rights issues:  nearly a century ago, it was women’s voting rights.  Two generations ago it was lunch counters and integration.  Last decade it was marriage equality.  And now: bathrooms.  While we may be outraged or confused at the false arguments … read more.

Here We Are, All in One Place

New Member Sunday!  We’ll celebrate those folks who have become new members recently and explore what happens when we chose to allow ourselves to be in community with “despair AND hope face to face.”


Guest musicians: Patty Wallace and Doug Liebau.

Flower Festival & Senior Bridging

First introduced in Czechoslovakia in 1923, this Unitarian Universalist ritual was originally envisioned as one of “togetherness and hope,” and it still is – perhaps this year more than any other.  Please bring one (or two) flowers – from your yard, from a florist (long … read more.

An Uncomfortable Journey Together

In response to the call for UU congregations to take part in the #WhiteSupremacyTeachIn, we’ll be exploring together what it means to center white-ness and what we all (whether as person of color or white person) can do about it.  While we confront the racism … read more.