At the request of parents, we conduct child dedication ceremonies for infants, recently adopted children, or young children whose families have recently become members of the congregation.

Child dedications are joyous occasions with elements that commonly include:

  • A blessing for the child
  • An expression of the parent or parents’ hopes for the child
  • A promise by the congregation to support and nurture the child in its spiritual life
  • The presentation of a rose to symbolize the balance of beauty and hurt that are part of every life.

Parents have the option to invite others (children, guardians, godparents, etc.) to participate. In consultation with the minister, parents typically have a choice whether to hold the dedication in private or during a Sunday worship service.  Because these ceremonies involve a commitment from the congregation to the child, ceremonies that take place during Sunday service are reserved only for families whose parents or grandparents are members of TUS. There is no fee for this.

For those who are non-members, or folks in the wider community, Reverend Karen takes great joy in crafting a private blessing.  There is a fee for this service.  Please contact our Office Administrator at if you are interested.